Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Update in relation to the Rapid Build Housing Project St. Helenas (Finglas South) and the PPP Housing Project Scribblestown

Dublin City Council
North West Area Committee
20th September 2016
Item No. 15


Motion in the name of Councillor David Costello

That the manager provides a full update in relation to the rapid build project in Finglas South and an update in relation to the PPP for Scribblestown


 St. Helena’s Drive Rapid Delivery houses
Dublin City Council tendered for the design and build of 40 houses on a site at St. Helena’s Drive. 

This tender process is almost complete and work is scheduled to start on the construction of the 40 houses before the end of September 2016.

KN Networks is currently on site carrying out enabling works.

The enabling works are scheduled to be completed within the next two weeks.

The final layout of the site including the plans and elevations of the houses will be circulated to the members and local residents as soon as they are available.

Scribblestown Site.
The site at Scribblestown is one of six locations chosen for the construction of 500 social units to be delivered using a PPP model. Unlike previous PPP models, the sites stay in the ownership of the State and the developer gets payments for a 25 year period, after which the houses or apartments return to State ownership.

The chosen sites are at
·         Ayrfield, Malahide Road
·         Scribblestown, Finglas
·         Corkage Grange in South Dublin
·         Dunleer in Louth
·         Convent Lands in Wicklow Town
·         Craddockstown in Naas, Co Kildare.

The National Treasury and Management Agency has recently appointed a design team for the Scribblestown site.

The design team will be required to develop preliminary designs, and produce drawings and other documents, under the Social Housing PPP programme.

It is proposed to use the Part 8 Planning Process for the development of these sites and for consultation with local residents and public representatives.

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