Thursday, 28 April 2016

Costello calls for removal of a clause which discriminates against DCC tenants with Disabilities

At the Housing SPC of Dublin City Council Cllr. David Costello (Fianna Fail) has highlighted the perceived discriminatory nature of Dublin City Councils Tenant Purchase Scheme. A clause of the new scheme to be administered by Dublin city council says 

Houses reserved by the local authority for particular reasons (e.g. houses with adaption’s for medical needs, single storey houses etc.)”. 

Cllr. Costello said “This Clause in my opinion would lead to discrimination in relation to disabled tenants and prevent them acquiring their own home under the scheme. Disability is a fact of life and tenants living in adapted housed which meet their needs and allow them to live independently should have the same right to buy as all other tenants.”

“I have called on the Council officials to remove this clause and not to inhibit our disabled tenants from buying their own homes.”

“ I will be brining an emergency motion to May’s full City Council meeting to ensure this is changes. Treating our tenants equally is of the upmost importants”.

DCC Details on Scheme
The Tenant Incremental Purchase Scheme  (TIPS) replaces the 1995 tenant purchase scheme, which closed for new applications in December 2012. Under this scheme, tenants can apply to their local authority to purchase their house. Apartments/duplexes are not included in this scheme. 
-           Provides opportunities for local authority tenants to become  homeowners
-          Promotes sustainable communities
-          Generates additional funding from sale proceeds for local authorities to invest in a range of social housing supports
-          Reduction in housing maintenance costs which local authorities will have to pay in upkeep of properties, and the resources which can be freed up for delivering new housing schemes as a result
Housing Stock Exclusions set out by DCC:
The following properties are not included;
-          apartments, flats, maisonettes and duplexes
-          Houses specially designed for older persons (senior citizen complexes)
-          Houses that are part of a group housing scheme for Travellers
-          Caravans, mobile homes or other homes that can be moved
-          Houses in a private development transferred to the local authority by the developer
-          Houses reserved by the local authority for particular reasons ( e.g. houses with adaptions for medical needs, single storey houses etc.)

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