Monday, 10 August 2015

Update on Planning at PH Ross and Annamoe Road Site: Council Request Further Information

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Lidl Ireland GmbH
12-32 Old Cabra Road and 8-16 Annamoe Road, Dublin 7 (Lands comprisisng PH Ross Builders Merchants and Home Improvement Centre and site to rear of 1-7 Annamoe Road, Known as 1A Annamoe Road)

It is recommended that the following Further Informationbe requested.
1. the proposed development would provide for additional height and massing on the site. It
would include a new DIY storey located to the rear of the houses on Annamoe Road.
In order to fully assess the impact of the proposed development a shadow anal ysis should be
submitted which shall clearly current and future shadow implications arising from the
2. the vehicular access which services the DIY store would run behind the houses on Annamoe
Road, it is stated that there would be a maximum of 2 delivieries a day, which would unload
adjacent to the store. The applicant shall give an indication of the times of these deliveries, eg.
Within core working hours, or after hours, seven days a week or five days a week. In
considering the response the applicant should have regard to the residential amenity of the
adjacent dwelling houses. This information should include details of unloading process, and
where it would be sited.
3. The proposed scheme does not indicate any method of enclosing the site outside business
hours. There would be significant areas of the site obscured from any passive surveillance from
the public domain. The applicant shall submit details of security measures which could be
implemented on the site.
4. Four residential houses are proposed onto Annamoe Road, the applicant shall submit details
of the area of private open space provided for each house. Details of the side and rear boundary
walls shall also be submitted.
5. The proposed development would include a part off-licence in the supermarket. The
development plan requires that the area for the display of alcoholic products be detailed on the
floor plans. The location of such a display area shall be in an unobtrusive position, not near the
entrance or windows of the shop and preferably to the rear of the premises. The applicant shall
submit a floor plan of the supermarket which shall satisfy these requirements.
6. The proposed development would result in deliveries to the supermarket in an area
surrounded byresidential housing. The applicant shall submit details of the proposed hours of
operation and delivery the supermarket, the method of controlling noise associated with all
aspects of delivery and the type of trolleys, combi units etc. used in the delivery area, along with
the surface(s) on which they will be moved about on.
7. The Roads and Traffic Planning Division have significant concerns about the impact of the
proposal on the safety and efficiency of the Annamoe Road/North Circular Road (Priority
Junction) having regard to the capability of the junction to cater for large delivery vehicles, the
proximity of the vehicular entrance to the junction, the multiple uses proposed at the site and the
fact that this junction experiences significant queuing during the peak traffic periods. The
Transport Assessment does not include a swept path analysis for the Old Cabra Road/North
Dublin City Council
Circular Road/Annamoe Road junction for articulated trucks entering the service entrance on
Annamoe Road. There are also concerns regarding rat running through the site having regard to
the proposal for two vehicular entrances.
In this regard a modification of the access to the site shall be considered. It is recommended
that the Annamoe Road entrance be used only as a dedicated pedestrian and cycle entrance. All
deliveries to the site should be from the Old Cabra Road Entrance. The applicant shall submit
revised plans indicating this requirement including swept path analysis for delivery vehicles at
the Old Cabra Road entrance and any revision to the car parking service layout.
Note: the applicant is advised to contact the RPA in relation to the access to the site outlined
above to ascertain their requirements in relation to future BRT along the Old Cabra Road.

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