Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Motion Calling on DCC to Take In Charge the Pelletstown Developments

Motion in the name of Councillor David Costello

Given that the Royal Canal Park and Rathborne developments (i.e. Pellestown) are now entering their 10th year without completion of infrastructure and residents deal with the safety issues arising from the absence of a pedestrian crossing in Rathborne Village, inadequate road markings and absence of footpaths in some areas.  That the North West Area Committee demands that Dublin City Council proceeds to take the finished regions of this development in charge without delay.


The taking in charge procedure may be instigated in the following way:

a)         The developer advises that a development has been completed and requests (in writing) that it be taken in charge under Section 180 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 – the Planning Authority to initiate the procedures under Section 11 of the Roads Act 1993.

b)         The residents may request (in writing) that their development be taken in charge under Section 190.

The Planning Department handle the initial phases of requests for Taking in Charge.

Once a request has been received to take a development in charge, the following is
the current procedure:

1.         Requests issue to the Service Departments of Dublin City Council to inspect the development and to confirm that it has been completed to the required standard.

2.         Such requests are accompanied by a copy of the Planning Permission and a site location map for the development.

3.         Following inspection, and if necessary, the developer is informed of any outstanding works necessary to complete to Taking in Charge standard.  It may be necessary for the developer to meet with a representative from the appropriate Service Department in order that outstanding issues are resolved.

4.         When a development has been definitively signed off by all Service Departments such as being complete to Taking in Charge standard, a request is then sent to the appropriate Area Manager to have the development taken in charge.

The following report is the procedure followed by the Area Office:

1.         A report is prepared for the Area Committee.

2.         The Area Committee approves.

3.         An advertisement is placed in a national newspaper advising of the intention to take the area in charge.

4.         The relevant documents in relation to the development to be taken in charge go on public display for 4 weeks.

5.         Submissions may be made to the City Council for up to 6 weeks after it has gone on public display.

6.         At the end of the 6 weeks a report is prepared for City Council.

7.         Following the City Council’s decision to take the development in charge, details must be entered in the statutory schedule and map.  A Chief Executive’s order is prepared with attached map stating that the area defined on the map has been taken in charge and this is recorded in the statutory schedule and map which is available for public inspection.

8.         The Local Area Offices must notify all the Service Departments when the process is completed.

9.         Bond/Security to be released by Planning Department when development has been taken in charge.

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