Monday, 2 March 2015

Cuts to Drug Squad Leave our Community at Risk

Figures released to Fianna Fáil reveal a dramatic cut in the number of gardaí working to prevent and investigate drug crime.

Fianna fail Cllr David Costello said he was shocked by the figures which were released by the Minister for Justice in response to a Parliamentary Question from Fianna Fáil. They show that the number of gardaí assigned to dedicated divisional garda drugs units has been slashed from 361 officers in 2011 to 253 in 2014.

Areas in Dublin have seen a drastic reduction in resources for dedicated drugs squads, with the number of officers cut from 149 in 2011 to 106 last year. The Dublin North division has lost half of its drugs gardaí, cut from 32 to 16 over three years, while 11 gardaí have been pulled from the garda drugs unit in Dublin West and 14 pulled from the garda drugs units in south Dublin.

Costello said 'In Finglas and ballymun we have our own drug hot spots that are worse than ever. It's not hard to see why when these figures are presented.'

"This highlights how out of touch the government are with real issues in Dublin."

"I am sick to the teeth of young kids in our community being destroyed by drugs. It's high time that the minister got out of her department and on the ground to see the issues first hand."

"Maybe our local TD John Lyons could bring this to to the attention his party of broken promises."

"Our Gardí are stretched and under resourced. Government need to be given the tools to purge this cancer from society."

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