Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Safety Ignored in NTA Budget for Works

At a recent council meeting Fianna Fáil Councillor David Costello asked Dublin City Council to install a pedestrian crossing at roundabout and the junction of St. Margaret’s Road and  Jamestown Road

Cllr. Costello received the following responce:
Pedestrian refuges were recommended on each arm of the roundabout at the above location by the Traffic Advisory Group in February 2012, and were included in the 2012 Traffic Minor Works Programme. However, following site inspections during the design stage, it was agreed that pedestrian refuges on their own would not be sufficient to solve the complex traffic and pedestrian  issues at the roundabout and that a more comprehensive scheme involving signalisation would be required at this location. For this reason this project  was forwarded by the Traffic Advisory Group to the Sustainable Transport  Unit of the Environment and Transportation Department for inclusion on their programme of works subject to available funding from the National Transport Authority.

In this regard, the Sustainable Transport Unit further reported in 2014 that the National Transport Authority are funding upgrade works at two junctions in the Finglas Village area. However, due to budget constraints, as a result of the construction of LUAS Cross City and associated works, the National  Transport Authority would not be in a position to provide funding for the  additional improvement works to the Jamestown Road roundabout at this  time.

The Senior Executive Engineer, Sustainable Transport Unit, has further reported that while it was hoped that an application for funding to the National Transport Authority would be submitted for the 2015 programme, the NTA  have indicated that the budget for 2015 will be substantially reduced. It is  unlikely that funding will be received for a pedestrian crossing at this location.

Cllr. Costello said he feels "the NTA and council are waiting for a tragedy.  The NTA shouldn't pull funding from safety projects to fund the LUAS.  This funding should be additional funding provided by government for key infrastructure and should not delay important road safety measures."

"I am calling on the council and NTA to prioritise this project without delay."

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