Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hospital Overcrowding Deplorable

Fianna Fail Councillor for Cabra-Finglas has expressed outrage at the continued delays in our hospitals.
Costello Said: "overcrowding being experienced in hospital emergency departments is absolutely deplorable. Last week we saw a record number of patients waiting on trollies (601) and while this has eased the issue remains of great concern. As the Irish Association of Emergency Medicine has pointed out the total has gone from “truly appalling total of 601 to the still completely unacceptable number of 371 in recent days”

This overcrowding is also leading to further delays in scheduled hospital treatments the waiting lists for which soared in 2014

The government and the Health Service Executive have failed to adequately prepare for a situation they fully expected to happen.

This overcrowding crisis is causing an intolerable risk and danger to patients; patient dignity is being compromised.

The truth is that there are insufficient beds and frontline medical staff to treat the increased number of patients needing admission.

The crisis is being exacerbated by the number of patients clinically discharged who cannot leave hospital because the government and the HSE is not providing sufficient nursing home beds or home care support:

It is essential that the government and the HSE immediately open beds and increase staffing levels so that the overcrowding can be eased;

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