Monday, 1 December 2014

No More Deaths on Our Streets

No More Deaths on our Streets, The Time for Action is Now

At the December meeting of Dublin City Council Fianna Fáil Cllr. David Costello tabled a motion in relation to the death of homeless man Jonathan Corrie in Dublin. The motion was passed unanimously:

Motion: "That this council takes a moment to reflect the loss of another homeless person on our city streets today and calls on the Chief executive to identify unused council property in the City Centre that could be quickly converted into temporary shelter for people living on our streets."

Costello Said “The latest count, carried out on 11 November identified 168 individuals as "rough sleepers", up from 139 in November last year, an increase of 21%. The homeless crisis in this city is out of control and I feel more can and should be done to get people off of the streets. I have called on the manager to identify City Council property that could be used to help alleviate this crisis. Shelters for homeless men and women should provide a secure setting including space for non-drug users to feel safe. “

“Minster Alan Kelly needs to stop worrying about how he is going to spin the Irish Water fiasco each day and start focusing on the housing and homeless crisis. A series of warnings have already been issued about extreme change in the weather this winter and I am worried that the needless death of Jonathan Corrie this week could well be repeated. Dying on the streets is not a dignified and proper way for anyone to pass away. It is too late for Jonathan but we should take this as a warning and act now. The time for writing policy has passed we need action.”

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