Wednesday, 19 November 2014

St. Laurence’s Update: Costello Calls for Consultation with Residents

Initial consultation for this project was completed with elected members of the last council and local TD’s in 2013. At that time Elected reps failed to bring this project to the attention of the local community. As a new councillor I was not part of this consultation process. Over the last number of weeks I have been calling on Dublin City Council and other agencies to reopen consultation with new elected representatives and residents in the Area. From the information I have received so far there is little we can do to stop this project. However I believe that we can have a significant input into security arrangments at the facility and seek community gain from the project.

Following the North West Area Committee meeting of Dublin City Council on the 18th November 2014 I received the following update in relation to the St. Laurance’s Complex:

What Is St. Laurances?
The former Finglas Child and Adolescent Centre (FCAC) (St. Laurence’s) is located on a 5.6 hectares (approx 14 acres) site on Kildonan Road, Finglas West, Dublin 11. It is currently owned by the Commissioners of Public Works (OPW), but ownership is being transferred to Dublin City Council. FCAC comprises a number of buildings with residential accommodation, education facilities, administration facilities, indoor and outdoor recreation facilities including a swimming pool, staff training facilities and maintenance workshops and outbuildings.
The main structure was built in 1972.

What’s Proposed for the St. Laurence’s?
The proposed Plan will see FCAC replaced with a Women’s Centre. This development responds to the needs of a vulnerable client group by way of the development of the Kildonan site. The client group of concern are single women, aged 18 and older, that have a wide range of care, support and accommodation needs. This group of vulnerable women have been identified as requiring enhanced welfare, education, social and health related supports with accommodation, as part of a planned programme of interventions to enable them to live independently.

Who Will Run the Centre?
A number of key statutory agencies who currently provide services to this vulnerable client group have come together in order to take a whole of state approach to providing services and to ensure that the needs of these women are met in a holistic manner. Dublin City Council, as lead statutory authority for homelessness in the Dublin region, is taking a lead role in partnership with the HSE, the Irish Prison Service, the CDTEB, the Probation Service and the OPW.

Briefing of Elected Representatives
There will be a briefing session for Councillors on Wednesday 26th November at 3.30pm in the Finglas Civic Offices.  Cathal Morgan, Director of the Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE), will be in attendance. The DRHE will then facilitate a series of information sessions for local residents.

Community Gain:
The finalisation of the master plan for the Kildonan site is near completion.  This plan will set out specific actions relating to the ‘community gain’ principle which Dublin city Council and its partners are wholly committed to. A meeting has also been arranged for area councillors on the 26th November where an overview in respect of services to be provided and actions designed to meet the needs of the community will be presented by the Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE).

Do they Require Planning Permission?

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