Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sinn Féin Dithering on Dublin City Council Puts Building of Homes at Risk
-Last night’s Council meeting showed Sinn Féin are out of their depth when it comes to finding real solutions -

Dublin. 4th November 2014. Councillor David Costello this morning criticised the controlling group on Dublin City Council, Sinn Féin, for their inability to make decisions in relation to the housing crisis. He accused them of dithering and trying to delay the building of homes in the City. The Sinn Féin Group introduced a number of mad-cap amendments to a proposal brought to the council by the housing manager that sought expressions of interest to build public housing on vacant sites around the City.

Speaking from City Hall this morning, Cllr Costello said: "Five months ago Sinn Féin delayed a proposal by DCC which sought expressions of interests to develop public housing on a number of vacant sites around the city to the city councils housing committee. At the time I was outraged that SF where clearly delaying a process by trying to be all things to all people. I warned at the time that their dithering was costing homeless people the chance of being housed."

This process was supposed to bring Ideas to the table in relation to solving our housing crisis in the City.

He continued: “Last night, 5 months into the delay, the issue was returned to DCC from the Sinn Féin controlled housing committee. SF Councillors would not make a commitment one way or the other in relation to the proposal. Instead, at the last minute they proposed a number of amendments that sought to restrict the process. In other words they tried to kill the proposal with unworkable and ill thought through amendments."

"The Fianna Fáil group and I are in the business of looking for solutions. During last night’s meeting I expressed my outrage and frustration at the lunatic proposals. I believe that every citizen has a right to a home. It's time that SF got off the fence and started making tough choices. The people of Dublin need workable solutions."

Costello went on to comment on the housing crisis saying:“Over the last 5 years this right has become a dream to many who have found themselves squeezed out of the private rental sector and into the care of the DCC’s Housing and Homeless services. Social welfare cuts and escalating rents in Dublin has driven more and more onto social housing waiting lists and increased homelessness levels.”


Cllr. David Costello can be contacted for further comment on 087 222 1589 and is available for interviews.

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