Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Update in Relation to Request for Double Yellow Lines and Children at Play Signs at Entrance to Mellows Crescent

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In summer 2013 I circulated a petition to residents of Mellows Crescent in relation to the introduction of double yellow lines and a “children at play sign” at the entrance to the estate.

Petition Summary and Background:

Introduction of children at play signs and double yellow lines around green at entrance to mellows crescent/court. Parking in this area is unsafe during times of peak usage of the adjacent leisure centre and social welfare offices.

Action petitioned for:

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge the city council to act now to Introduce double yellow lines and children at play signs at the entrance to Mellows Crescent/Court.

Late last year one of our demands was met:

1.      Our request to have a Children at play sign erected at the entrance to mellows Crescent/court has be accepted. Dublin City Councils response can be found on the reverse of this page.

At the last Area Committee Meeting of Dublin City Council I was informed of the following:

2.      Our request for double yellow lines was approved by the Traffic Advisory Group of Dublin City council.

I will be in regular contact with Dublin city council to ensure that yellow lines are put in place as soon as possible.

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