Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Dublin City Council Should do More in Relation to Cash For Car Signs

Councillor David Costello has expressed his outrage that the Council have only at present  issued 1 litter fine in relation to “Cash for Cars” signs. The Motor industry nationally has struggled to say the least over the last number of years. There have been many people let go from jobs in this industry during the downturn. This is due in part to the back street trading of cars through anonymous cash for car signs and unregistered mobile telephone numbers.

Councillor Costello said "I'd like to know if these people are paying tax and rates? We need to clamp down on this without delay."

In Response to a question by Cllr. Costello the Council responded saying:
"This office has been aware of the issues surrounding the “Cash for Cars” signs. Waste Management staff and Litter Wardens have been instructed to remove the  signs. However, once removed the signs are replaced almost overnight.   Staff have witnessed people removing and replacing signs and have noted the registration number of the vehicle used in the commission of the offence.  When details of the vehicle are obtained they do not match the make and model of the vehicle witnessed, therefore we cannot proceed with a prosecution on the evidence provided.
It has also come to our attention that the signs are now stuck on to the poles etc which are proving very difficult to remove.
We are liaising with the other Dublin Local Authorities in order to gain as much information as possible but they also seem to have the same issues as Dublin City Council.
We are also working with the Gardai to identify the people involved. The signs in place advertise a mobile phone number which is not registered and therefore it is not possible to link any person to the offence in order to initiate a prosecution.
We have received some important information on one person which lead to the issue of a fine which remains unpaid
We are in the process of attempting to issue a summons, but as the registered post containing the summons has not been accepted or collected, this office in conjunction with the Law Dept propose seek permission from the courts to sub-serve the summons."

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