Friday, 28 March 2014

Cost a Factor in Relation to the Upgrade of the River Road

Following a recent canvass along the river road residents raised concerns overthe volume of traffic on the road and the damage to the boundry wall of the park. I wrote to dublin city council in relation to these matters and recieved the following responce.

The River Road is included in the LAP under section 4.4.4  The plan acknowledges the need to upgrade and improve River Road. However, it also recognises the potential cost of delivering a major upgrade and therefore proposes to pursue two possible solutions during the lifetime of the plan.


1.       To seek (national) funding for a major upgrade to provide for 2 –way traffic and a cycleway.

2.       Where funding cannot be provided, the role of River Rd shall be downgraded to cater for local traffic only. 

In addition, because of the need to resolve safety concerns at the bend of River Road adjoining Pelletstown  Manor, traffic calming measures are currently being drawn up for implementation.

I have asked the manager of the Tolka Valley Linear Park to examine the boundary wall and to advise if he has any plans to upgrade where necessary. I await his response.

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