Monday, 30 September 2013

Dubliners Willing to Fights Back Against Illegal Dumping and Litter

In recent years, Dublin City Council has been struggling to deal with the endemic problem that is littering and illegal dumping. Illegal dumping black spots have emerged in parts of Dublin’s North-inner City, Finglas and Ballymun.

Fianna Fáil Local area rep. for Cabra-Finglas David Costello said:
“Dublin City Council have, in my opinion taken a reactive approach to this problem in which they rely on members of the public reporting illegal dumping on an ongoing basis. Following this investigations are carried out by DCC. However we know we know that

“20 per cent of bags identified by the litter wardens were investigated for evidence and 12 per cent of bags investigated contain evidence that was of sufficient quality to issue fines. ” [previous article]

Costello said: “Dublin is not alone in the battle against illegal dumping. It is world wide problem. I think its time that DCC looked at what others, like for example,  EPA in New Sount Wales Austrailia are doing to deal with this problem.”
NSW EPA has recently published a draft strategy to compbat illegal dumping. Which can be found at:

This publication includes prevention mechanisms for illegal dumping contained in the table below:
Prevention mechanism 
 Prevention techniques for public land managers
Increase the effort: stop dumpers accessing your land
  • install physical barriers:
     - concrete blocks, logs and boulders, earth mounds
     - fencing and locked gates.
Increase the risk of illegal dumpers getting caught
  • strengthen surveillance and patrolling:
     - use cameras and signs to indicate the area is being watched
     - patrol hot spots
     - encourage members of the community to report instances of illegal dumping.
  • install lighting to help increase visibility of offendersdesign landscaping and revegetation to increase the visibility of offenders
  • carry out periodic high-profile compliance or enforcement action (may include working with others)
  • publicise your efforts.
Reduce the rewards: deny financial benefits
  • let dumpers know they will get caught
  • issue fines to offenders (or work with others who have authority)
  • require offenders to clean up (or work with others who have authority)
  • establish and maintain working partnerships (private landholders, government agencies, educational institutes, Local Aboriginal Land Councils and local councils).
Reduce provocations: don't give illegal dumpers a reason to dump
  • clean up waste and keep areas free of illegal dumping
  • use landscaping, revegetation and beautification to foster communtiy pride and enhance the area's aesthetic appeal
  • promote the value of your land
  • install signs.
Remove excuses: educate and inform the community
  • help inform the community about your local waste services
  • carry out education programs outlining responsibilities and the hefty fines and penalties for illegal dumping
  • install signs
  • publicise your efforts.

“Dubliners with the help of DCC are already doing some of the good work outlined in this document. Take Finglas for example, an area which has had a significant issue with illegal dumping, we had numerous groups who qualified for and where represented at this years Dublin city Neighbourhood awards, which took place on Thursday the 26th of September 2012. Groups included Friends of Finglas Village, Finglas tidy Towns, LakeGlen Residents, Wellmount, Daisy roots and Fairlawn-Prospect Hill community gardens. These residents are willing to give up their time to make the area they live in ”

Costello is calling on Dublin city council and the Department of the Environment to establish a taskforce to look at drafting and implementing a strategy document such as the one outlined above.

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