Friday, 3 May 2013

Bonfires used to Cover up Illegal Dumping in Dublin

Bonfires are now being used by illegal dumpers to cover their tracks in the Finglas Ballymun area. The pictures below taken in Balcurris area of Ballymun highlight the scale of the problem. One resident, Mr. Fowler from Ballcurris Green said “he has contacted the Dublin City Council to clean the area up on a number of occasions and within days of the area being cleaned up its back to square one”.

Fianna Fail local area representative for Finglas/Ballymun David Costello said “It’s hard to believe that people will light fires in public places to dispose of their rubbish. It’s even harder to believe that they will do it on their neighbours doorsteps.”
“These fires are been lit at night time and attract all kinds of antisocial behaviour in the area.”

Finglas and Ballymun have seen a dramatic increase in illegal dumping since the abolition of the bin waiver scheme in 2012. Based on figures given by the Area Manager at the local area committee meeting in November 2012 there has been a 360% increase in the cost of dealing with illegal dumping since 2010 in the Finglas/Balymun area. In 2009 and 2011 Labour party Councillors in the Dublin area voted for city budgets which ended the bin waiver scheme. With the abolition of this scheme and the dramatic reduction in the number of public bins on our streets the problem of illegal dumping has gotten worse.

In response to a parliamentary party question asking Minster Hogan when he would “provide resources for a bin waiver system” on the 21st of March 2012. Minister Phil Hogan said "I will be engaging with my Government colleagues on the matter of a waiver scheme, where the issues involved primarily relate to support for low income households".

Fianna Fail local area representative for Finglas/Ballymun David Costello said “Minister Hogan made a commitment to look at this issue and nothing has happened thus far”.

"Following this years budget, which targeted the most vulnerable in society people are struggling. Dubliners have seen the introduction of a property tax that disproportionately impacts on them, a reduction in children’s allowance and an increase in charges for the drugs payment scheme and medical card prescriptions. A lot of Dubliners simply can't afford to pay for their bins."

"The abolition of the bin waiver scheme is just another one of this Government’s broken promises."

“I am once calling on Dublin city council and the Department of the Environment to establish a taskforce to look at this issue.”

 "It is up to each of us to tackle this problem by reporting illegal dumping to Dublin City Council". 

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