Friday, 12 April 2013

Dublin City Council Officials Choose Lazy Approach to Deal with Illegal Dumping

The newspapers this morning are reporting that that Dublin city officials are planning to remove street cleaning services from areas with high levels of illegal dumping.

David Costello Fianna Fail Local Area Rep for Finglas/Ballymun has said,

“Charlie Low of Dublin City Council (DCC) is leading this strategy which would punish all Dubliners regardless of their culpability. This man and his colleagues in DCC are deluded if they think this strategy is fair. Its lazy and indicates that Dublin city council have no backbone when it comes to really tackling this problem.”

“Removing street cleaning services from areas with high levels of illegal dumping is giving into the dumpers. It is a Lazy approach by un-elected city officials in Dublin. 
They have already taken it upon themselves to remove public bins from the streets in these areas. This action has had zero effect on the problem and only serves to punish the non-offenders.”

“I pay my taxes like most of my fellow Dubliners and therefore I deserve clean streets.”

“I have called on DCC and the Dept. of Environment to set up a task force to deal with this problem. Instead of coming up with a thought out strategy to tackle this problem, they have decided to just let the dirt build up and see what happens. 
City official Charlie Lowe should consider resigning for even suggesting such an outrageous action.” 

“Its time for our elected officials to stand up to this now”

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