Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Illegal dumping reaches epidemic levels in Finglas

In recent times Illegal Dumping has reached epidemic proportions in the Finglas area of Dublin. Fianna Fail Local Area Representative David Costello has met with local residents who are up-in-arms at the level of illegal dumping in the area. While illegal dumping is not confined to any one area, a number of black spots have emerged. For example, the area surrounding the vacant maisonettes on the Finglaswood road. The photographs below illustrate just how bad things have gotten.

Dublin City Council Maisonettes on the Finglaswood road

Costello said “Dublin City Council were made aware of the problem in this area and while a clean up has taken place in recent weeks, the problem has now spread to the other end of Finglaswood road, between Mellows road Kildonon drive. Dumping is concentrated in the laneway behind and in the gardens of vacant Dublin City Council maisonettes.” 

“I’ve spent my whole life in Finglas and I don’t ever recall such high levels of illegal dumping and littering. It’s hard to believe that people are just dumping rubbish in their neighbour’s gardens.”

“What makes it even more unbelievable is that area is located within in a stones throw of both Finglas Garda Station and Dublin City Council Offices.”

“Local residents are now living beside what can only be described as a health hazard. I am, once again calling on Dublin city council and the department of the environment to establish a taskforce to look at this issue.”

"Following this year’s budget, which targeted the most vulnerable in society people are struggling. Dubliners have seen the introduction of a property tax that disproportionately impacts on them, a reduction in children’s allowance and an increase in charge's for the drugs payment scheme and medical card prescriptions. A lot of Dubliners simply can't afford to pay for their bins."

“In the past the bin waiver scheme for low income households helped to prevent this problem. However, this scheme was abolished after Labour party Dublin city councillors voted not to make a prevision for its continuation in the Dublin city council budget (2012).   The abolition of the bin waiver scheme is just another one of the Labour party's broken promises."

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