Thursday, 3 January 2013

Cost of Illegal Dumping Increases 360% Since 2010

Based on figures given by the Area Manager at the local area committee meeting in November 2012 there has been a 360% increase in the cost of dealing with illegal dumping since 2010 in the Finglas and Balymun area. In 2009 and 2011 Labour party Councillors in this area voted for city budgets which ended the bin waiver scheme. With the abolition of this scheme and the dramatic reduction in the number of public bins on our streets the problem of illegal dumping is set to get worse.

Fianna Fail Local area representative David Costello said "Following this years budget, which targeted the most vulnerable in society people are struggling. Dubliners have seen the introduction of a property tax that disproportionately impacts on them, a reduction in children’s allowance and a increase in charge's for the drugs payment scheme and medical card prescriptions. A lot of Dubliners simply can't afford to pay for their bins."

"The abolition of the bin waiver scheme is just another one of the Labour party's broken promises."

Costello is calling on Dublin city council  and the department of the environment to establish a taskforce to look at this issue.

 "It is up to each of us to tackle this problem by reporting illegal dumping to Dublin City Council". All incidents of illegal dumping in the Finglas Area should be reported by one of the following methods:

• Free Phone Litter Hotline - 1800 251 500

• Finglas Area Office – 222 5496 / 222 5406


• Customer Call Centre - 222 1000

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