Sunday, 2 December 2012

Finglas/Ballymun: Sports Capital Program Announced

Congratulations to all sports facilities who were awarded Sports capital grants today. Included in the announcement where grants for Ballymun Civic Centre (€192,095), Dublin City Council, Tolka Valley Park (€66,791), Finglas Youth Resource Centre (€15,231) and Willows FC (€22,184). The total allocation to Finglas and Ballymun represents less than 1% of the total allocation of funds (€30,000, 000). This news, while fantastic for all groups who received the grant will come as a blow to the many unsuccessful applicants in the area.

During last weeks select sub-committee on transport, tourism and sport, Labour Minister Allan Kelly announced that €3.2 million in unspent sports grants have been cut off. These grants where awarded as far back as 2008. This is the first time such grants have been cut off and I call on the minister to reallocate this funding to some of the unsuccessful applicants.

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