Sunday, 4 November 2012

Repair Work in Tolka Valley Park

Fianna Fáil Local Area Representative David Costello would like to thank Dublin city Council for their prompt action in repairing the boundary fence of Tolka valley park following a road traffic accident at the junction of Tolka valley road and Cardiff Bridge in early September. This damage was not only unsightly but also posed a serious risk to the safety of the children who use the park.

David made contact directly with the parks authority on the 19th September 2012 and requested that the area be made safe for the children of local residents. The following day interim measures were taken by the parks authority to make the area safe while they where waiting to repair the fence.  
Concurrent to David's communication with the parks authority Councillor McAuliffe posed the following question to the city manager on David's behalf:

"Q61. Can the Manager repair the fence at, (details supplied)?
Details: The Fence surrounding Tolka Valley Park in Finglas south.  The section of fence is at the junction of Tolka Valley Road and Cardiffsbridge Road.  This damage is not only unsightly but also poses a serious risk to the safety of the children who use the park."

CITY MANAGER’S REPLYParks and Landscape Services Division is aware of damage to the railings described in, (details supplied), and arrangements are in place to carry out the required repairs within the next two weeks.

The Fence has now been repaired and the danger removed.

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