Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Barry Park Update

Question to the Area Manager

North West Area Committee

Meeting 20th September 2016

Q.70    Councillor David Costello

To ask the Manager that the footpath around the green in Barry Park is resurfaced as the current surface is damaged.


Dublin City Council Road Maintenance Services’ budget for 2016 is presently committed to other footpath renewal and carriageway resurfacing schemes. An inspection of the footpath around the green in Barry Park will be carried out in advance of the preparation of the 2017 works programme. Those footpaths in the North West Area most in need of renewal will be prioritised for funding in 2017, insofar as resources permit.

Also recorded defects will be added to our works programme and Road Maintenance Services’ work crews will repair these defects, when they are working in this area and insofar as resources and priorities permit. 

Shandon Gardens Update

Question to the Area Manager

North West Area Committee

Meeting 20th September 2016

Q.67    Councillor David Costello

To ask the Manager to  give an update in relation to the taking in charge of the wall into Royal Canal park at  Shandon gardens. Detailing progress that has been made since July.


DCC Area and Parks managers met with Waterways Ireland on site on 26th August with a view to agreeing a replacement of the wall on a shared cost basis. Waterways Irl will consider this proposal when the Parks Supervisor has obtained an estimate.  DCC maintains the canal bank under license from Waterways Irl. 

Contact:         Fergus Synnott, Cabra Area Office
                        Mark Jones, Parks Section               
Email:             fergus.synnott@dublincity.ie

Update in relation to the Rapid Build Housing Project St. Helenas (Finglas South) and the PPP Housing Project Scribblestown

Dublin City Council
North West Area Committee
20th September 2016
Item No. 15


Motion in the name of Councillor David Costello

That the manager provides a full update in relation to the rapid build project in Finglas South and an update in relation to the PPP for Scribblestown


 St. Helena’s Drive Rapid Delivery houses
Dublin City Council tendered for the design and build of 40 houses on a site at St. Helena’s Drive. 

This tender process is almost complete and work is scheduled to start on the construction of the 40 houses before the end of September 2016.

KN Networks is currently on site carrying out enabling works.

The enabling works are scheduled to be completed within the next two weeks.

The final layout of the site including the plans and elevations of the houses will be circulated to the members and local residents as soon as they are available.

Scribblestown Site.
The site at Scribblestown is one of six locations chosen for the construction of 500 social units to be delivered using a PPP model. Unlike previous PPP models, the sites stay in the ownership of the State and the developer gets payments for a 25 year period, after which the houses or apartments return to State ownership.

The chosen sites are at
·         Ayrfield, Malahide Road
·         Scribblestown, Finglas
·         Corkage Grange in South Dublin
·         Dunleer in Louth
·         Convent Lands in Wicklow Town
·         Craddockstown in Naas, Co Kildare.

The National Treasury and Management Agency has recently appointed a design team for the Scribblestown site.

The design team will be required to develop preliminary designs, and produce drawings and other documents, under the Social Housing PPP programme.

It is proposed to use the Part 8 Planning Process for the development of these sites and for consultation with local residents and public representatives.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Costello calls for removal of a clause which discriminates against DCC tenants with Disabilities

At the Housing SPC of Dublin City Council Cllr. David Costello (Fianna Fail) has highlighted the perceived discriminatory nature of Dublin City Councils Tenant Purchase Scheme. A clause of the new scheme to be administered by Dublin city council says 

Houses reserved by the local authority for particular reasons (e.g. houses with adaption’s for medical needs, single storey houses etc.)”. 

Cllr. Costello said “This Clause in my opinion would lead to discrimination in relation to disabled tenants and prevent them acquiring their own home under the scheme. Disability is a fact of life and tenants living in adapted housed which meet their needs and allow them to live independently should have the same right to buy as all other tenants.”

“I have called on the Council officials to remove this clause and not to inhibit our disabled tenants from buying their own homes.”

“ I will be brining an emergency motion to May’s full City Council meeting to ensure this is changes. Treating our tenants equally is of the upmost importants”.

DCC Details on Scheme
The Tenant Incremental Purchase Scheme  (TIPS) replaces the 1995 tenant purchase scheme, which closed for new applications in December 2012. Under this scheme, tenants can apply to their local authority to purchase their house. Apartments/duplexes are not included in this scheme. 
-           Provides opportunities for local authority tenants to become  homeowners
-          Promotes sustainable communities
-          Generates additional funding from sale proceeds for local authorities to invest in a range of social housing supports
-          Reduction in housing maintenance costs which local authorities will have to pay in upkeep of properties, and the resources which can be freed up for delivering new housing schemes as a result
Housing Stock Exclusions set out by DCC:
The following properties are not included;
-          apartments, flats, maisonettes and duplexes
-          Houses specially designed for older persons (senior citizen complexes)
-          Houses that are part of a group housing scheme for Travellers
-          Caravans, mobile homes or other homes that can be moved
-          Houses in a private development transferred to the local authority by the developer
-          Houses reserved by the local authority for particular reasons ( e.g. houses with adaptions for medical needs, single storey houses etc.)

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Costello Calls for details in relation to tenant licences on Rapid build homes to be released by Dublin city Council and the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive

Costello Calls for details in relation to tenant licences on Rapid build homes to be released by Dublin city Council and the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive

Dublin City Council are to allocate new houses built as part of the Rapid build housing project under a licence agreement later this month to families living in hotel accommodation.

Fianna Fáil Councillor David Costello said:

“Since the Special Policy Committee on housing last month I have been calling for the release of details on the tenant licences scheme being offered to families. It was suggested that families would be allocated these houses on temporary basis. Even though we now know that these are long term homes with a life of 60+ years . These are fine houses that any family would be delighted to live in.”

“We have 790 families living in hotels and we urgently need to get families housed in these new homes. That said, I believe that families moving out of hotels need security of tenure, a permanent home. I am apprehensive about the use of short term licences. Licences which elected members of Dublin City Council have not been consulted on. These tenancy agreements are experimental and may cause a transient population in the new housing projects.”

“I have called for permanent tenancies in what are permanent homes. Let’s give security to these families, some of whom have spent over a year in hotel rooms. It’s what they deserve. The creation of a transient population is experimental and will not allow for community to develop.”

“In reality I believe once families move into these houses they won't want to move on after a short period because we'd be hard pushed to find them a better alternative.”

“Long term we need good planning in relation to the provision of Public housing. We are experiencing a housing crisis in Dublin which requires the building of housing for families on the council list, for old folks looking to downsize, affordable houses for young families who are currently struggling to meet the new mortgage requirements from the central bank and affordable rental accommodation for those who can’t buy.”